St. Vincent's Convent Sr.Sec.School
(Affiliated to ICSE) ICSE Affiliation No. OR004
Principal Message
Dear students, teachers and parents,

               After long summer holidays, once again our school campus has become vibrant and energetic with the cheerful presence of students. The school welcomes you all with lots of new and refreshed colours. Everything in the school gives you a new outlook. It’s the symbol of the exhortation of this exquisite temple of learning to each student ‘to come out in flying colours’. There are more online facilities arranged this year. Make avail of them. 

               At the very outset let me congratulate you dear students of class X 2018 ICSE (35th batch of our School) on your wonderful result, very specially Shruti Majhi who secured 96.6% with full marks in Maths. I take this opportunity to appreciate the teachers and students who worked hard to bring 100% marks in Computer, Maths, and Environmental Application. You brought laurels to the institution through your remarkable contribution.

                Dear students, hope you enjoyed the holidays. Long days with your parents and near and dear ones definitely added beauty and variety of learning experiences to your life. Every experience can be turned into a learning experience, if we decide to learn some lessons from them. Someone fails only if he/she does not gain or learn anything from life events. Success, failure, weakness, sin etc. can be good teachers for us if we are open to them. So decide to learn from every happenings of life. 

                Now you are entering into days of serious studies. Promise to yourself that you will utilize every occasion for excellence. At this juncture, let me quote Gerard McGinnitty:

When Michelangelo chipped the block of marble a possibility died with every chip. But bit by bit the Pieta was born. If he had not chipped at the marble block, it would have lain to the end of time full of possibilities but empty of fulfilment. A good choice means growth, but it also means narrowing. To grow into one possibility, I must die to others. (At Home with God, 156)

                 It’s a very meaningful quote for students. If you want to excel in the field of education you must say no to your over-interests and inclinations towards social media, video games and other attractive things. They have magical powers to drag you away from your target. Be vigilant to keep your target ‘Good to Great’. Never stop growing. Never remain at the level of being good. Let us become great students, great teachers, great parents and great friends and great educators. The new session is promising. I wish you all God’s abundant blessings in the days to come.  

God bless you! 

Sincerely Yours
Dr. Sr. Kripa
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