St. Vincent's Convent Sr.Sec.School
(Affiliated to ICSE) ICSE Affiliation No. OR004
School Emblem

The School Emblem is divided into four quarters. The first quarter has a dove which wishes peace to the succeeding generations. The radiant sun in the second quarter stands for man's eternal craving for knowledge. The flaming glow of the sun suggests the clarity of vision that knowledge imparts to the minds of students. The third quarter contains an open book together with a pen and inkpot inspires to be diligent and earnest in studies. The boat on sea in the fourth quarter symbolizes the past glories of Odisha, in which Balasore has played an important role. The cross reminds us that without suffering man does not fulfill his spiritual aspirations. The white background of the emblem stands for purity and truth.
Mon-Wed                 7:40-1:20
Thr-Fri                       7:40-1:20
Saturday                    7:40-1:20
Sunday                      Closed
Vivekananda Marg,