St. Vincent's Convent Sr.Sec.School
(Affiliated to ICSE) ICSE Affiliation No. OR004
Exam & Promotion
-   The school conducts three terminal exams in a year.
-   Examinations are compulsory for all students.
-   Students who are absent from examination will be awarded zero in that subject.

-   Every student is required to put in an attendance of not less than 80% of the total number of
    working days in the school year.

-   Minimum 40% of marks is essential to pass in every subject as well as for total and average marks.

-   If the student is absent for all the subjects of particular terminal examination due to valid reasons,
    his/her case will be considered on the basis of average performance of the year.

-   No exams including the oral exams will be held before or after the due date. Parents are not
    encouraged to make unnecessary requests.

-   In case of unfair means, the child will be awarded Zero in that particular paper. Repetition of the
    same offense will result in dismissal.
Mon-Wed                 7:40-1:20
Thr-Fri                       7:40-1:20
Saturday                    7:40-1:20
Sunday                      Closed
Vivekananda Marg,